Just a sweet little sophomore...

Apr 30

Looking forward to study breaks

Reading Period is coming…. You know what that means!

Before you even think about finals, think about the study breaks

This is the time the libraries will have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and some snacks

Your houses will also have some fun study breaks like movie screenings or spa night

My favorite is Midnight Breakfast where I eat the most delicious food in the world

Then if you’re part of an athletic team or an organizations you should know they’ll most likely have fun study breaks too

Sometimes these are so fun that I forget that they’re called STUDY breaks, so before you head out and have some awesome food or paint your nails with your friends set a goal for yourself.

Before the ____ study break, I will have ___ done.

And remember to break things down into smaller steps. So if you have that big 20 page paper to tackle then break it up into smaller steps. Make a list of possible topics/resources/ideas you have. Then another day make an outline (if you’re into that, I love outlines). Then later that day write your introduction and conclusion. Then take a study break. Go back and fill in some parts of that paper. This will help with approaching your assignments. Procrastination is HUGE and usually happens because we want to put off a big work load for another time. Don’t be a victim!!

Good luck to us. We’re almost there!

Apr 30

These pictures are from the Nosotr@s Senior Banquet 2014. This is the second one I’ve been to and I just love how much effort everyone puts into this. We love our seniors! Everything usually gets so sentimental with the beautiful speeches for the seniors but in the end we remember our goofy moments and shared laughter and how great we look in the photos ;) haha

This is what I mean when I say I feel like I am part of a community at Smith. I feel like I am part of many and I love how this captures some of the great moments we have shared as a hard working organization. Tough times are coming up and remembering I have a support system is just wonderful.

Apr 28

Anonymous said: Do you ever regret choosing Smith?

I don’t! It’s one of the best decisions I made for myself. I have reached a path where I could recognize my power as a student and, more importantly, a woman. Prospective students always ask me why I decided to attend a woman’s college if I have attended coed schools my whole life and one of the biggest reasons is because I feel inspired here. I’m surrounded by women who are in all these leadership positions at an elite college. How often can we say that to ourselves?

Being a woman and a leader is extremely common here. Everyday I see my friends do something great for the school or for a larger community and I just admire the efforts they put into their passions. This is the kind of environment I need to be in if I want to reach my own goals. I’m a Smithie and if my friends can do it so can I :)

Apr 28

Anonymous said: Is it easy to meet boys?

Definitely! Sometimes they come take classes at Smith from the 5 college area, or sometimes Smithies go off campus to take classes or for social events. You find what you look for. So if you’re looking to make friends of all genders then you will know how and where to find them.

Apr 28

Anonymous said: How do finals work at Smith?

Depends on the kind of classes you’re taking! Most classes with test for finals be part of our self scheduling system. This year, our self scheduled exams will be from May 3rd to May 9th and we get to chose to take each exam at either 9 am, 2 pm or 7 pm. This works out pretty well because we can chose the day we feel most prepared to take it. This is all under the honor code system, meaning Smith trusts us to uphold that code and not cheat in any way shape or form.

A few other classes have scheduled finals and the dates would be listed online.

For final papers, you typically get to go over the task in class and prepare yourself to write it for the given due date.

It’s a pretty comfortable system to get used to but the stress is still there and you would need to organize yourself before that time comes to make sure you’re ready to finish strong.

Apr 28

I found this amusing description on Facebook

Apr 28

Happy last week of classes!

By the middle of the semester most of us are already counting down to the beautiful summer vacation we know we deserve but the time is finally here we know we need to buckle down and do everything we need to do. It’s never too late to make an organization system and this is a great time to do it! See what works for you; color coding, post its, calendars, to do lists etc etc. These next two weeks will be very stressful but we will be so proud of ourselves for getting through it :)

Apr 28


Things to remember this week…



Things to remember this week…

Apr 25

Study Groups!

This is so important. I had no idea how helpful it could be to meet with your classmates and (nicely) challenge each other to make sure everyone understands. So as we wind down with classes, find those classmates that will keep you focused and make a plan.

Don’t let finals take over your life!

Apr 25

Anonymous said: Do you know exactly what day or week that waitlist students get notified of whether they got admitted/rejected?

Sure! So we are currently waiting for the admitted students to enroll, and the process will end May 1st. After that, students who get off the waitlist will hear back between mid May and the end of June.

Apr 25

Anonymous said: Where's your favorite place to study?

I have a few places.

In the spring when it’s warm I like to get out a nice little blanket and do work on the Comstock lawn.

When it’s colder, I usually have this nice corner in Neilson Library where the two big windows let lots of natural light and sun in.

In my house, I can usually focus in the basement in our pool room. Now I like to do my work in the living room from time to time because we now have a table good for doing homework on.

There’s so many places on campus to just sit and study which I love. Every few weeks I find a new place to switch it up and refocus. I really like the spring because being outside under the sun is one of the best feelings for me. :)

Apr 25
A great event today! It’s nice to go and take some breaks between your intense studying :)

A great event today! It’s nice to go and take some breaks between your intense studying :)

Apr 25

Anyone else notice that next week is actually the last day of classes?!

Apr 24

Managing Stress at the end of the semester


This is the time where we start to feel burned out with so many assignments due right before even longer assignments are due and before we know it it’s finals times. This time is obviously NOT easy. We start to get tired and our sleep time is minimal and we just want the semester to finish (haven’t we done enough insightful learning?). There are a lot of important things we need to remember at this time. Number 1: YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Look around you, this is going to be a tough time for everyone.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help!

Sometimes we make jokes about Smithies having too much pride or ask questions but this is pretty serious. It’s OK to feel lost! We are not perfect. There will be things we can’t be great at but there are things we are already great at. I mean, that’s how we got here. We all have potential. At this point, it’s easy to lose sight of it (trust me, been there) but we should never forget how our greatness got us here in the first place.

Stay strong!

Apr 22


I see you, self, freaking out about leaving in less than a month. Remember to breathe, and to enjoy the time that you have left.

Something that goes for all Smithies right now.