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Apr 18

students at Smith College, 1968


students at Smith College, 1968

Apr 16

Anonymous asked: Are you happy at Smith?

Yes! As it is, I’m a very happy person. When I visited Smith, I saw all the great things I could have access to if I chose to come here. For me, one of the most important things I want to find in college is a community. During my visiting weekend here, I already felt part of the Smith community. I was so excited about my experience here that I applied ED. My host and her friends were so wonderful and I still hang out with them today.

When I was admitted, I had no idea that once I got to Smith I would find so many communities that would be important for me. Today, I feel like I have so many friends and groups I could go to for support. This is more important than I realized because stress and frustration can really sneak up on people and the best way to get through that is with company. 

Apr 16

So Discovery Weekend and Open Campus have come to an end…

I’m so happy to hear all the future Smithies talk about how much they love Smith already! I know my weekend at Smith is what really helped me make my decision. It’s so great to see it happen to current high school girls and just think “I was in your position once…”

Super happy I got to help out this weekend!

Apr 16

Sometimes it snows in April #smithcollege #regram @aquariuschicken’s photo


Sometimes it snows in April #smithcollege #regram @aquariuschicken’s photo

Apr 09

Design Crush
Apr 09

the-next-day-youre-out asked: Hi Yenelsa, I received an email from you today on my way home from a deathly day of school (I am taking my IB exams at the moment) and it made me so happy. I have been stalking random Smithies on facebook and reading tons of online reviews. I have very specific questions about Smith. How did you feel at Smith your first year? Was it hard to get used to all girls? Is it hard to meet boys and hang with boys regularly (as friends or as more than friends)? Under what circumstances r boys on campus?

Hi! I’m glad my email did a little something to your long day :)

I love answering specific questions! I broke them down by questions:

How did you feel at Smith your first year?

During my first year at Smith I felt overwhelmed with all the changes, but I personally loved all the new things I encountered at Smith. I was part of the Bridge program, which is a pre-orientation program for students from underrepresented backgrounds and those five days set up a strong foundation for the support and friends I have today. Then during orientation, we had so many opportunities to get to know the rest of our class. When the rest of the Smithies arrived, I got to know the people from my house, our traditions, our house spirit and so on. All together, these events were so fun and a great way to get to know my home for the next four years. 

The academics here were another thing that I had to learn to adapt to. As you probably know, Smith’s academics are rigorous and intellectually stimulating. Fortunately, during my first few weeks at Smith before classes, I learned about all the resources I have access to for support. I think that’s what made my first year such a great one; I knew that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. The classes are always tough but since we get to chose our own classes (no general education requirements—yay!) my natural interest in the subjects drove my ambition.

Was it hard to get used to all girls? Is it hard to meet boys and hang with boys regularly (as friends or as more than friends)? Under what circumstances r boys on campus?

These three are all related so here we go.

I was not hard to get used to being around women for the majority of my semester. These are women (and students with other gender preferences) that are ambitious, powerful and inspiring leaders. Being on campus with Smithies that work to make change happen, both on campus and all over the world, reminds me that I can also do the same. At Smith I feel like there’s this sense of unity as students that I did not feel at other schools and I really appreciate that.

It is not at all hard to meet boys. Since we are part of the five college consortium, we have access to visit the other schools (FREE rides on the bus) and can mingle elsewhere. There are many reasons to visit the other schools; you can take a class there, attend events that the students host, go to a career fair, go to a concert and so on. From these events, you can definitely make friends/more than friends. In the org I’m in, I’m the 5 college representative so I collaborate with similar orgs at the other campuses. Since I got this position, I have made some great friends. Just like we can go off campus to meet people, students from the other schools can also do the same. We also hold many events that attract students from the other schools.

Thanks for coming to ask questions and let me know if you have any more questions :)

Apr 03

Sunset over the Quad #smithcollege (at Smith College)


Sunset over the Quad #smithcollege (at Smith College)

Apr 02

8th National Dominican Student Conference

Here are a few images of a conference I attended this last weekend. I was funded by Smith (thankfully) or couldn’t have attended otherwise!

Mar 24

Spring break is over, the final stretch is here!

This is it! Our last long break is over and now we’re back to finish strong. Last year I couldn’t believe how fast the semester went by after I came back from spring break last year, so this time I’m preparing myself and allocating some extra work time during my week (and weekend!) to get ahead in works I usually put off. I’m hoping that this would help me have more study time for finals. Yes, finals! You’ll be surprised how soon those will be….

Here’s to a strong finish! Good luck Smithies!

Mar 14

Happy Friday Smithies!

Spring Break is finally (almost) among us! We all deserve some much needed rest and fun!

Mar 11

Open Campus/Discovery Weekend is coming!

Smithies, register to host :)


Mar 11


This is the biggest event that Nosotr@s hosts for the spring semester. This event is a dinner and a semiformal showcase. We look for performances and other ways to celebrate Latin@ culture and all of the beautiful things that make our culture what it is today. This year, we had a very entertaining performance group named Iroko Nuevo (http://irokonuevoafro-cubandance.weebly.com/) that play Afrocuban rhythms. It was so great! They engaged the audience and even pulled people up to dance.

While we enjoyed this amazing performace we ate food cooked by your very own Nosotr@s members and with great help from our local Mexican restuarant, Veracruzana. 

After this we listened to Micaela Díaz-Sánchez, the Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies at Mount Holyoke College. She was really excited by the performance group and shared with us that she’s a bombera. She engaged the audience with her wonderful insights and her identity as an artist. She had a great speaking presence; we were honored to have her!

Soon we mixed it up with some more dance and our choreographer led a dance so the audience could join us on the stage and have a good time.

After this, we had a wonderful high school student from Amherst perform some powerful poems about understanding one’s own culture and the importance of real education.

We then moved on to a engaging musical lesson and performance by Jorge Arce (http://www.jorgearce.org), a professional drummer with specialization in Afro-Caribbean music. This was super fun! He gave us the background of so many instruments are were familiar with today and we got to compose some great beats using those instruments.  

After this, we ended the night with some great spoken word performances by some of our Nosotr@s members. They chose pieces focused on their ethnic identity, hardships in growing up in a family that did not have many resources and how they grew from this.

This event turned out so beautifully thanks to the support of our Nosotr@s members, Smithies, some of our professors, Veracuzana and much more. We are excited to keep up this success for the years to come!


Mar 11

quote Liz Pryor: And I’ve heard some people compare the n-word to Voldemort’s name.
Student: But saying ‘Voldemort’ really is dangerous, because there’s a curse on it.
Liz Pryor: Not until the seventh book, though! Not that I’ve read them eighteen times or anything…

Liz Pryor, HST270: Race in the Atlantic World (via smithprofessorquotes)

Hahaha I’m in this class. Love our conversations. They’re so moving. Definitely recommend!  

Mar 10

Happy Monday, Smithies!

Wishing you all the best of luck in this very busy midterms week. Remember to take care of yourself no matter what!

Some of the best advice I got from Smithies:

  • Sometimes, you can’t do absolutely everything. Instead of dividing yourself into a million parts, focus on what you need to get done and do your best with it. If you couldn’t get to the extra credit assignment or couldn’t go the extra mile, that’s ok.
  • FIND A TIME TO NAP! Add it to your to do list if you need to because when you stay up late you need to find a time to rest.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone comes from different academic backgrounds. The only competition that should be going on in your head is competition with yourself. Strive to do better today than you did yesterday, not better than your classmates.
  • EAT! EAT! EAT! Put snacks in your backpack to eat them between (or during) classes. Little energy bursts can be helpful for long days.
  • Remember, grades will not determine yourself worth, but your effort will sure say a lot about it.

Spring break isn’t too far away, you can make it!

Feb 21